13 December 2022
Part 2: A Year of Entertainment in Pictures

AFE put together so many tours in 2022, our camera roll is full of photos of the troops having a great time! We’re sharing these pics of troops and military families having fun so you can look back this year’s good times and make plans for even more fun AFE events next year. Stay tuned for the finale coming soon. You could be in the next snapshot!

The kids got coaching and the adults got a scrimmage – all from the pros. Talk about a friendly All Star Soccer tour! Just in time for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, too!

AFE loves surprising you with shows like Hurry Houdini that just have to be experienced rather than explained. More variety entertainment coming up and ON DEMAND HERE!

Everyone gets excited for NFL football and the Pro Blitz tour! Keep an eye out for Pro Blitz 2023 by signing up for our NEWSLETTER and checking out Pro Blitz homepage!