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  • Q: How do I get schedule information on specific shows?

    We make it easy. The calendar and menu of events are categorized by genre and region, right here on our site.

  • Q: Where do I find out more about the performers?

    We provide an information & schedule page for each performer, whether it's country trio Runaway June, R&B superstar Brian McKnight, magician Rob Lake, dancers Super CR3W, fitness guru Shellie Blanks, or BBQ boss Moe Cason. Just find the performer's name on the schedule and click to uncover their backstory.

  • Q: Why do entertainers perform for the military?

    Performers gotta perform. It's in their DNA. Plus, going on tour with Armed Forces Entertainment is an opportunity for them to give back and honor the sacrifices you make on behalf of our country. For up-and-coming entertainers, touring with AFE is a great way to build an audience. For established performers, it's an up-close-and-personal way to say thanks to fans.

  • Q: How much do tickets cost?

    It's FREE to attend every show Armed Forces Entertainment presents. Every single show, every single time.

  • Q: Why are there occasional schedule changes?

    Sometimes emergencies and personal challenges pop up for scheduled entertainers. Add the uncertainty of world politics, and tour agendas inevitably shift. We rush the updates to the effected venue and make changes to the online show schedule as quickly as possible. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen, and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Q: Can we take pictures at the events?

    Of course! And please tag us #ArmedForcesEnt to make everyone back home jealous.

  • Q: Are children allowed?

    Certainly! Accompanied minors and other family members are more than welcome to attend and participate in all AFE events including meet-and-greets and concerts that are not tagged as appropriate only for those 18 and older.

  • Q: Can I invite non-military people to AFE events?

    It depends on the rules of your instillation. In general, yes, non-military guests are allowed at AFE shows. But military personnel are our priority.

  • Q: What does AFE mean?

    AFE is the Armed Forces Entertainment organization initials. Most military members use the initials instead of the full name to talk about our shows.

  • Q: Are AFE performers required to serve in the military?

    No. While we don't have a complete list of celebrities who served in the military, we do know several performers, such as Lecrae, grew up in military families. Others have siblings and other family members who currently serve. For many, that link to the military is enough to inspire them to tour with AFE. For others, it's simply a patriotic act.

  • Q: Why does AFE send shows to remote locations?

    Our mission is to entertain troops overseas, and we take it seriously. Those working at duty stations in out-of-the-way spots need R&R too, so we go out of our way to deliver. We're proud to say Armed Forces Entertainment brings shows to more places than any other organization entertaining the troops.

  • Q: What do you mean by military entertainment?

    Military entertainment is no different than civilian entertainment. For troops serving overseas, Armed Forces Entertainment provides free, live concerts by top performers as well as sports stars, magic and variety shows for the whole family. AFE also provides free on-demand programming that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. So while you may think it's all rock songs about the military, military workout songs or military music playlists, "military entertainment" is simply current entertainment from contemporary artists delivered directly to our American military personnel and their families overseas.

  • Q: How do I apply to work for AFE?

    Go to to view any open positions!


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