8 August - 13 September


The Pitmaster is Back!

We hope you brought your appetite because we’re bringing celebrity chef and pitmaster “Big Moe” Cason to your base! From Australia to Sweden and beyond, Cason is continually sought after for his award-winning recipes, master techniques, and big flavors. If you love good food, you’re in luck–come out and meet Big Moe, learn some new techniques, and savor some of the best barbecue the world over. Whether you love to cook or eat, good times are guaranteed when this champion is in the house!

Chill out while Big Moe turns up the heat on the biggest, boldest flavors in barbecue. Grab your friends, meet the master, and enjoy some seriously good eats. If that sounds like your perfect day, then mark your calendars and get ready–the pitmaster is back!

Tue 10 Sep 2024 OSAN AB MEET & GREET
Fri 13 Sep 2024 KUNSAN AB MEET & GREET
Tour FAQs
  • How do I get schedule information on specific shows?

    We make it easy. The calendar and menu of events are categorized by genre and region, right here on our site.

  • Why do entertainers perform for the military?

    Performers need to perform. It's in their DNA. Plus, going on tour with Armed Forces Entertainment is an opportunity for artists to give back and honor the sacrifices deployed servicemembers and their families make on behalf of our country. For up-and-coming artists, touring with AFE is a great way to build an audience. For established artists, it's an up-close-and-personal way to say thanks to fans.

  • How much do tickets cost?

    It's FREE to attend every Armed Forces Entertainment show. Every single show, every single time.

  • Why are there occasional schedule changes?

    Sometimes emergencies and personal challenges pop up for scheduled artists. Add the uncertainty of world politics, and tour agendas inevitably shift. We rush the updates to the effected venue and make changes to the online show schedule as quickly as possible. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen, and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Can I invite non-military people to AFE events?

    It depends on the rules of your installation. In general, yes, non-military guests are allowed at AFE shows. But military personnel are our priority.

Moe Cason

Chef “Big Moe” Cason is a barbecue pitmaster and veteran of the U.S. Navy. He served on the USS Peleliu and USS Missouri—an Iowa-class battleship nicknamed “Big Mo,” now a museum ship decommissioned at Pearl Harbor. Cason is passionate about barbecue because what initially was a hobby quickly turned into a way of life. He is a self-taught pitmaster, and his passion for cooking was passed down from his grandmother, Margaret, and mother, Mary.

Cason established his one-person competition barbecue team in 2006, competing across the country while working a full-time job in Des Moines, Iowa. He retired from his city municipal job in 2017 to pursue his dream of bringing barbecue to the world. Moe served as a contestant, judge, and star on Destination America’s “BBQ Pitmasters,” “BBQ Pit Wars,” and “SMOKED.” He was also a guest judge on Food Network’s “BBQ Brawl: Flay v. Symon” and “Chopped: Grill Masters,” proving that he is a true barbecue pitmaster recognized by his peers.

He also starred in “BBQ Beat Down” on the Food Network and was named Reynolds Wrap’s 2019 Chief Grilling Officer, beating out 26,000 applicants. He also shares his knowledge by holding barbecue pitmaster classes all over the world, including in the United States, Germany, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil.

His expertise, professionalism, and cooking skills rank him as one of the best pitmasters on the scene today.