15 December 2021
How to Wrap a Gift Box

A military bed must be tidy. The sharp edges and tight sheets prove you can focus on details. The same goes for your wrapped gifts. A neatly wrapped gift tells the recipient that you care enough to do it right. Here’s how to achieve gift wrapping perfection.

Step one: Gather your tools

  1. Sharp scissors – not too short, not too long
  2. Double-sided tape
  3. A large, hard, flat work surface
  4. Roll of wrapping paper
  5. Ribbon or a stick-on bow

Tip: Get patterned paper to help guide your scissor cuts and make sure that your paper is not too thin

Step two: Measure, measure, cut

Roll out the paper with the roll closest to you.

Place the gift box on the inside/undecorated side of the paper and position the end of the box right against the roll. The other end should be positioned near the edge of the unrolled paper, with enough paper to reach an inch over the top of the box.

Place the box a few inches from the outer edge of the paper. Allow for enough paper to reach about halfway up the side of the box.

Pull the paper taught and use double-sided tape to adhere the end of the paper to the top of the box.

Cut paper along the side, making sure you’ve allowed for enough paper to reach halfway up that side of the box too. If the paper has a pattern it will help you cut a straight line.

Now unroll the paper to the other end of the box. Cut paper from the roll, leaving an inch of overhang beyond the taped seam.

Step three: Fold, tape, repeat

Fold that inch under and make a sharp crease along the fold. Adhere to the wrapped end of the box using double-sided tape.

To handle the open sides of the box, push short sides of paper inward to create four 45-degree flaps. Crease sharply along the flaps.

Fold down the top flap. Crease sharply along the top of box, then crease again where paper meets the bottom edge of box. Cut excess paper from the bottom crease. Adhere to the box with tape.

Fold and line up any excess paper on the bottom flap with the top of the box. Apply double-sided tape to the bottom flap, fold it over the top flap and adhere.

Repeat on the other open end. To finish neatly, pinch your thumb and forefinger together and run them along the edges.

Step four: Wrap it in a bow

Lay the wrapped box face down on ribbon cut to about five times the length of the box. Pull ribbon ends up, bring right end over left end then pull both width-wise to cross.

Turn the box over. Thread each end of the ribbon through the ribbon to make an X.

Double-knot the ribbon, then tie it into a neat bow and shape the loops.

Cut ribbon ends at 45-degree angles.

That’s a wrap!

PS: If all else fails, use a gift bag!