17 August 2022

In the Northern Hemisphere, August and September herald a back-to-school flurry of activities after the summer break, from buying new clothes and shoes to exploring new books and computers.

The routines are much the same in the Southern Hemisphere, where school generally starts at the end of January or early February and runs through early December. 

No matter where the military sends you, back-to-school excitement remains an annual constant of family life – even more so as kids get used to new classrooms, teachers, friends and schedules. Another constant is AFE, bringing a welcome distraction and taste of home to what can be a stressful time of adjustments. 

AFE brings live music, sports, magic, comedy and variety shows to bases around the world, inviting families to join in with the kids during family-friendly events. 


  • Later this month and into early September, families living in Europe will say aloha to the Lanakilas Polynesian Show, drinking in the joy and culture of the islands through fire dances, hula lessons and a Hawaiian-style menu.


  • Magicians on a Mission appear in SWA around the same time, as five professional magicians deliver amazement and awe for all ages.
  • Three Hollywood stars will shine their light for AFE in September and October, so bring the kids for a glimpse into the world of entertainment in this European tour. 


Anyone with a strong fitness focus, especially teens, might want to get hands on with MMA UFC fighters during the MMA Cage Crusaders tour later this month in Europe. 

AFE on-demand programming comes to the rescue whenever you all need a break from homework and studies. Outfitted with performances from top stars and up-and-coming acts, the AFE On Demand portal lets you choose your entertainment when you’re ready. We’ve categorized it all for easy access too, into family friendly shows (like the amazing magic of Rob Lake or Jonathan Burns and the dance genius of Super CR3W), plus standup comedy, musical performances, variety shows, and fitness videos. 

Make AFE part of your back to school routine. All you need is a little time to enjoy a show – no studying, no testing, no stress. Stay up on it all by visiting armedforcesentertainment.com. Better yet, sign up for our emails and never miss out on the fun.