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Children in classroom

In the Northern Hemisphere, August and September herald a back-to-school flurry of activities after the summer break.

Hats off to Military Spouses

It’s no surprise that there’s a special day set aside each year to celebrate military spouses.

NFL Bod Workout

Sure, some of it may be genetics, but NFL player bodies are made, not born. Just like your own PT, professional football players build on their regimen of hard work, good nutrition and laser focus to be ready for the rigors of the job. When you meet current players during the AFE Pro Blitz Tour… Read more »

How to Wrap a Gift Box

A military bed must be tidy. The sharp edges and tight sheets prove you can focus on details. The same goes for your wrapped gifts. A neatly wrapped gift tells the recipient that you care enough to do it right. Here’s how to achieve gift wrapping perfection. Step one: Gather your tools Sharp scissors –… Read more »