16 March 2017
LifeFit™ athletes to share fitness expertise, specialized coaching with U.S. Service Members during CrossFit® Open

Armed Forces Entertainment and Pro Sports MVP Entertainment & Promotions are bringing LifeFit™, a fitness themed tour to U.S. Military bases located in Japan and Okinawa, March 19-29.
The interactive tour consists of nationally recognized fitness trainer-CrossFit® athletes, who will be visiting military personnel to conduct “Workouts of the Day” (WODs) and provide education and training. As health and wellness experts, the LifeFit™ team will lead seminars on the importance of physical exertion, and why certain movements are important and valuable to overall health and wellbeing.
 “Fitness is such a big aspect of continual physical training within the military,” said Major Jody Wynans, Chief of Armed Forces Entertainment. “Combined with the popularity of high intensity and resistance training as well as CrossFit®, we felt confident that this concept would be well received by our audiences, and it has been. This actually our second time to send out this type of group but to a different region and we’re extremely pleased that there has been such an interest.”
High Impact Interval Training combining Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics movements and other exercises are principal strength and conditioning programs for many police academies, military special operation units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of elite professional athletes
LifeFit™ instructors, Catherine Blatner and Jackie Perez have competed in the CrossFit® Regionals and Patrick Burke and Ben Stoneberg have competed in the CrossFit® Games. They will all work with U.S. service member participants to teach individual workout modalities such as clean technique, gymnastics, mobility, bar bell lift, clean & jerk, dynamic lifts, powerlifting, and muscle up progression.
The workouts during the LifeFit™ tour will coincide with the CrossFit® Open qualifier period, which determines whether competing athletes make it to Regionals. The opportunity to complete the workouts alongside the elite athletes who have participated in the CrossFit® Games and receive coaching on workout techniques, offers a unique advantage to the military participants. CrossFit® Open WOD 17.5 will be released during the Misawa Airbase visit and allow the event participants to work with directly the LifeFit™ team to maximize their performance.
“During my time in the Marine Corps, I incorporated many things that I learned from CrossFit® into my training, said Patrick Burke, LifeFit™coach and Marine Corp Martial Arts Instructor Trainer.” “My experience serving and through the years as a student and a coach, I’ve recognized the importance of being able to function at a high-level of physical performance while facing stresses in life.” “So I jumped at this opportunity to give back to our service members by helping them maximize their fitness potential and increase physical and mental strength.”
“We always set out to make a difference in the lives of those that we coach, but we’re exceptionally passionate about doing that for this group of folks who sacrifice so much for our freedom,” said Burke.


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