22 April 2024
Michael Winslow and His Band of Armed Forces

Comedian, actor, and voice actor Michael Winslow will be touring with Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) this spring. The tour, which will feature eleven shows across Poland, will run from May 2-14, 2024.

Michael Winslow is known as “The Man of 10,000 voices.” Currently touring his standup act, Comedy Musical Noise Live, and making television appearances, Michael Winslow is remembered for his role in the infamous cinematic series, Police Academy. He also won audiences’ hearts in Mel Brook’s Spaceballs, as well as having portrayed Stripes in the cult classic Gremlins. Recently, Winslow was a semi-finalist contestant on America’s Got Talent, missing the finals by a hair.

Michael also had a guest starring role on the pilot episode of Triumph the Insult Dog for Adult Swim, created by Robert Smigel. In terms of voiceovers, Michael has read announcements and made various sounds (i.e. football huddle chatter, marching band sounds, stadium crowd roars) for the NFL, specifically ESPN’s Monday Night Football, and has performed multiple characters in the 2020 Superbowl campaign for Planters Nuts. His voiceover work extends as far back as Family GuyRobot Chicken, and even specifically designed noises for rides at Universal Studios and Disney among others.

AFE has been committed to boosting the morale and well-being of service members and their families stationed overseas through world-class live events and performances since 1951.