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Moe Cason’s Taste of the Outdoors – Ep 6

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Moe Cason knows more about barbecuing than just about anybody. He is a Pitmaster Chef and U.S. Navy veteran who now judges BBQ competitions on TV when he’s not winning them. You’ve seen him on BBQ Brawl and Chopped: Grill Masters as a guest judge, and now he’s got his own show BBQ Beat Down on the Food Network. Moe also spreads the definitive BBQ word by teaching BBQ pitmaster classes all over the world.

Headshot of grill master Moe Cason

Big Moe Cason is returning to AFE, LIVE and in-person, to demonstrate how you can elevate your summer cookout to the next level. A BBQ Pitmaster and Veteran of the U.S. Navy, Chef Cason served on the USS Peleliu and the USS Missouri, an Iowa-class battleship with which this Iowa-native shares a nickname – “Big Mo” – and is now a museum ship decommissioned at Pearl Harbor.

Whether it’s smoked, grilled, or charbroiled, this celebrity chef and grilling guru knows how to do it. He is a self-taught Pitmaster and his passion for cooking came from family tradition from his mom and grandmama.

Moe’s devotion to BBQ quickly turned from a hobby into a way of life. After retirement, he pursued his love for BBQ full time, and since establishing his one-man competition BBQ team in 2006, Chef Cason has won more trophies than he can put on a shelf for his mouth watering food.

Chef Moe has become TV’s go-to guy for BBQ, appearing on Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters, BBQ Pit Wars, and SMOKED. He was also a guest judge on Food Network’s Bobby Flay and Michael Simon’s BBQ Brawl and Chopped: Grill Masters, proving that Moe Cason is a true BBQ expert recognized by other great chefs in the know.

Moe is so good, they gave him his own show, recently airing the pilot for BBQ Beat Down on the Food Network. It’s no wonder the man who beat 26,000 people to become Reynolds Wrap’s 2019 Chief Grilling Officer is now on TV showing aspiring BBQ chefs the way.

Moe also shares his knowledge by taking his BBQ to people around the world, including the United States, Germany, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and soon to be Brazil. His expertise, professionalism, and cooking skills rank him as one of the best pitmasters on the scene today!

You’re definitely going to want to make time to learn how to improve your own BBQ skills, so mark it on your calendar. Follow your nose to Moe Cason and his grill 12 Aug-19 Aug. We can’t wait to get a plate!