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Bringing Them Back, One Song at a time

Operation Song’s™ mission is to empower veterans and active duty military to tell their stories through the process of songwriting. Founded in 2012 by long-time Nashville professional songwriter, Bob Regan, the organization has joined us for a series of HOMEGROWN virtual performances to celebrate Military Appreciation Month.



We can keep our distance and still bring you the rhythm, laughs, and cheer. Join us for updates on upcoming virtual performances, stories, and more.

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“My family said it's been a long time since I smiled like that.”
- Chris A, Iraq veteran

About Operation Song

Bob had the inspiration for the organization in the 2000s while performing with The Nashville Songwriter Band on Armed Forces Entertainment Tours at military bases around the world. On those tours, Bob and his fellow songwriters met many service men and women who were curious about songwriting. Many expressed that they loved music, but they doubted that they could write a song themselves. Those conversations were the inspiration for Operation Song.

Bob’s thought was that putting a service member or a veteran in the room (or tent or CHU) with a skilled professional songwriter could be fun, cathartic, even therapeutic. Transforming stories into a song could help them process the random and chaotic experiences and emotions of their service and give them some perspective, meaning and validation. It has proven to do exactly that.

To date Operation Song has written over 800 songs with veterans of WWII to Korea, Vietnam to Desert Storm, Iraq to Afghanistan as well as with their families. Songs written in the program have been heard on American Forces Radio, NPR, The Grand Ole Opry, The Sunday Today Show, and have been performed on the National Mall in Washington DC and at the Country Music Hall of Fame. We have been told repeatedly by veterans, troops, therapists, family member that this is one of the best, most healing experiences they have had.

Learn more about Operation Song in our exclusive interview with Bob Regan.


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