Alex “Militia” Castro, Beth “Venom” Horn, Jen “Phoenix” Widerstrom, Hollywood “Wolf” Yates

Here Come the Champions

Sports fans, are you ready for some action? These modern-day gladiators are! Gather around the arena as Militia, Venom, Phoenix, and Wolf defy their physical and mental limits with incredible feats of strength and endurance. Featuring events like Joust, Powerball, Air Assault and Tug-O-War, you saw these athletes compete for glory and bragging rights on the hit show “American Gladiators”—don’t miss this chance to see them in person!

Do you have what it takes to be a Gladiator? See for yourself when these elite performers come to your base! Cheer on your favorite star as they run, jump, and battle for the ultimate win. Here come the champions—all we are missing is you!