17 April 2015
Yes and…: The long, strange 18-year Four Day Weekend

What a long, strange, 18-year Four Day Weekend it has been.
Along with providing downtown patrons with belly laughs, good times and a glass of wine or two, the Fort Worth-based improvisational comedy troupe has managed to win a Small Business of the Year award, perform for two U.S. presidents and deliver a keynote address to the United States Congress.
Four Day Weekend’s long, strange trip got even stranger recently when the group toured Europe at the invitation of Armed Forces Entertainment and performed at nine different military installations.
“I think as comedians, we’d all grown up with that image of entertainers going over to entertain the troops, like Bob Hope and such, so this was an opportunity to do it, to live that,” said Frank Ford, a group founder.
“For us, it worked great, because it doesn’t matter where you are, where you perform, and the show is about them,” he said. “Improv has an incredible you-had-to-be-there feel to it, so it really works well on the road. Every show is different. They would suggest things and sometimes it would be a reminder of being back home, or maybe some situation on their base. It always seemed to work.”
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