12 December 2016
WRC Rachel Shares Her Experiences During 54th Military Appreciation Holiday Tour

It’s Rachel here, and we have finished our 54th Military Appreciation Holiday Tour to Bahrain. After traveling on three prior tours to the Middle East, this one is absolutely the most memorable of them all, because of the new experiences, the wonderful military men and women we met and the great group of girls that came on this tour. There were many highlights over the week, but I want to tell you about two of my favorites!
Every time we go on tour, we perform a show for the troops that consists of a variety of dances and crowd participation. For this tour, on top of our normal show, we also put on a holiday extravaganza show for all of the military families that live in Bahrain. A lot of people do not realize that Bahrain is a very family friendly country to live in. Many servicemen and women bring their spouses and children with them when they are deployed to the country. Because it’s the holiday season, we learned an entirely separate show, where we danced in Santa outfits, wore holiday presents and star costumes, along with girls dressing up and singing as the cast of Frozen. We performed in a courtyard that was completely transformed into a winter wonderland. It was such a reward to see all of the kids in the audience smiling and singing! It was wonderful to bring some holiday cheer to these families and see how it could make them feel like they were back at home.
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