3 July 2019
US Women’s Soccer Champs Score Warm Welcome

Armed Forces Entertainment had the honor of bringing former members of the United States Women’s National Soccer team out to tour over the summer.

Kylie Bivens, Thori Bryan, Danielle Fotopoulos, Natasha Kai, Shannon MacMillan, Nikki Serlenga, Saskia Webber, and Staci Wilson traveled Southwest Asia, Guam, and Japan to provide meet and greets, as well as clinics for children along the way.

These FIFA World Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, and Hall of Famers were able to teach and demonstrate their soccer skills for over 200 kids throughout their visits. An amazing experience was enjoyed by all. The All-Stars taught ball handling and ran through passing drills before the kids demonstrated what they learned in the days’ clinic.

While in Bahrain, the team was able to share a truly special moment during the USA vs. Spain watch party. Not only did USA take the win before moving on to the quarter-finals, but each of the players on-hand were able to share stories from their career and own World Cup experience. The epic day finished with celebration and cheers as the All-Stars thanked everyone for making it out.

AFE’s All-Star Tour may be over but this unforgettable event brought many moments of joy to the enlisted servicemen and women, their children, and to the players themselves. To tour while the current USA Women’s Soccer Team reaches the heights of the 2019 World Cup, may be a once in a lifetime experience AFE is privileged to provide.