27 September 2016
Shane Kruchten: From Camo To The Cage, A Former Marine Gives Back

The phrase “go to war” is commonly used in MMA but it’s one that has an entirely different connotation for Kruchten. Whereas most combat fans think of two fighters slinging four-ounces of leather at one another, Kruchten has experienced true warfare. The former Marine has seen more than most will experience in a lifetime.
It’s these experiences that have undoubtedly helped Kruchten through his MMA career. The Purple Heart Award recipient has gone through worse between his time spent in and out of the military. Using what he’s learned, Kruchten is looking to give back to his former Marines.
Traveling overseas, Kruchten is part of the MMA Tour for Troops, a group of fighters who’ve gone overseas to talk with the armed forces. Normally a task full of hand shakes and photo ops, this trip has extra meaning for Kruchten.
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