29 January 2020
Pro Blitz 2020 Kicks Off For Deployed Fans Worldwide

Armed Forces Entertainment Invites overseas troops and their families to experience the spirit of competition at events celebrating this weekend’s Big Game. Attendees will be able to meet with their favorite teams on tour and join a special tailgate to celebrate Football’s biggest event
NFL Alumni and their teams’ cheerleaders have been traveling across the globe with AFE as playoffs come to an end and Football’s biggest weekend is among us. Representatives from the Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Rams, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars, and others will bring NFL legends and cheerleaders to base tours for meet & greets, skill clinics, drills, and a tailgate celebration with Reynold’s Wrap Chief Grilling Officer, “Big Moe” Cason.
Previously appearing as a contestant on Food Network’s BBQ Brawl with Bobby Flay and Michael Symon, as well as Chopped, the Grand Champion BBQ Pit Master and U.S. Navy Veteran will join the festivities in Diego Garcia, Guam, and Singapore to grill out for the troops and their families.
“We are excited to have front & center the talents of Mr. “Big Moe” Cason, numerous NFL Alumni, and a host of team cheerleaders kicking-off 2020 entertainment support to the Service Members and their families,” said Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Marshall.
Military personnel from across all Armed Services, as well as their families, will receive opportunities to meet with the athletes, cheerleaders, and entertainers in intimate events, sports clinics, and festivities to spread football fever across remote regions.
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