13 August 2020
Military Life? We Have Your Playlists

We’re serving up a fresh batch of playlists so you can get your groove on

With the recent launch of our AFE Music hub, we’re working to deepen the experience we deliver. And in this special August update, we’re bringing you new Spotify playlists that will keep you going wherever you’re stationed, or for any occasion.
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With no further ado, here’s a list of great music from AFE artists to mix up your daily routine, energize your PT workouts, and discover songs you never knew you loved.

Get Your Blood Pumping During PT

If you’re looking for that extra morning music buzz to energize you through your individual PT workouts, look no further.
Our favorite workout songs blend catchy melodies with a fast, steady rhythm to keep you on pace.  For example, Daya’s club-friendly banger Insomnia – King Arthur Remix is a perfect song to add to your rotation, whether you’re on a 2-mile run, or simply finishing up a round of calisthenics.
Love Me Less by MAX feat Quinn XCII is another great track to drive you forward, with a great melodic beat that pairs perfectly with a round of hand-release push-ups.
See Max in action in an exclusive HOMEGROWN performance here.
Finish off your workout with Win Win from Diplo and Tove Lo. Get lost in the bass-heavy track, which features a hypnotic four-on-the-floor beat, and haunting vocals from Tove Lo which pairs perfectly with the track’s progressive intensity.
Check out these songs and more from your favorite AFE Artists in our pop playlist.

We want to keep you fresh, not only with the latest hits. The Army has recently updated its PT requirements. Starting October 20, 2020, all soldiers will be required to pass the Army Combat Fitness Test, which you can find all the new ACFT requirements here.

Slow down the Rhythm, Increase the Intensity

Enough with the cardio. If you’re looking for a slower, more uplifting (literally) track for your weight-training exercises, listen to Elevate by Papa Roach. Or if you’re ready to max out your gains in an adrenaline-rush, Last Resort is sure to bring that energy.
If hip-hop is more your cup of tea, classics like Panda by Desiigner, Show Me by Kid Ink, and Throw a Fit by Tinashe are perfect songs to put on your heavy rotation.
Check out our rock playlist here, and our hip-hop playlist here, to discover even more classic tracks from our AFE Touring Artists including Nelly, Lupe Fiasco, and Lecrae.

Get Your Country Groove On at the cookout

Sure, you might have burgers, beverages, and ribs on the grill, but would any end-of-summer cookout be complete without the whole party joining in on a singalong of Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel?
For good measure, add Big & Rich’s crowd-pleasing classic Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy), and prepare to giddy up for an evening of fun. And as Jerrod Niemann’s song goes, I Could Drink to That All Night.
Check out our AFE country playlist here, and for more summer BBQ inspiration check out our Summer-BBQ-Anywhere Mixtape.

Keep the Vibe Alive, even during maintenance

Shaggy’s timeless reggae classic It Wasn’t Me is the perfect track for performing routine maintenance. After all, it wasn’t you who left the dent on your platoon vehicle’s fender, was it?
We’re only joking, but it is a great song to break up the monotony of hard maintenance work in the garage and in the field.
Keep the good vibrations flowing with reggae tracks like Perfect by Conkarah, and Mr. Sensi by Eli Mac. Check out the AFE reggae playlist here.

To ensure the health and safety of your fellow personnel and your unit’s vehicles, make sure sure you follow proper safety procedures each and every time you perform a PMCS.

Rock Out During Your Late-Night Gaming Sesh

US Army MWR Esports Team
If you’re playing a late-night session of Warzone and looking to rekindle those high school feels, put these high-energy tracks on for a spin:
Classic Michael Jackson rock cover Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm is sure to make you feel like a cool operator as you’re dominating your friends on Battlefield.
If you want to feel like Superman, put on the 3 Doors Down classic Kryptonite to harness those powerful character abilities while playing League of Legends.
And if you find that your KDR is unsatisfactory, My Own Worst Enemy by Lit is the perennial loser’s anthem.
Check out our rock playlist here.

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