14 April 2020
On Stage with Robyn Schall

AFE celebrates National Humor Month by highlighting our very own comedians who go on tour to bring the laughs, and a piece of home with every joke.

Stand-up comics thrive off the crowd. They live for the audiences’ laughs, cheers, and tears. For comic Robyn Schall, the crowd gives her inspiration. Actually, if you’re a walking, talking, breathing human being, Robyn might just base one of her characters on you.
Robyn currently headlines Armed Forces Entertainment’s Clubhouse Jokers comedy tour and has performed overseas for the troops since 2018. in Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, England, Germany, Japan, Kosovo, Kuwait, and South Korea. ”Since then,” Robyn adds, “I have performed at bases in Kosovo, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan. This summer I will be adding bases in Qatar and Djibouti to the list.”
Reflecting on her tours with AFE,  Robyn has trouble thinking of only one, “I have so many great memories working with AFE, but if I had to pick my absolute favorite… [the time] I got to perform on Veterans Day.”

“There was nothing better than performing to a packed room of men and women currently serving our country,” said Robyn. “It was a true honor getting to make everyone laugh that night and then stand in the back and shake hands, look everyone in the eye and get to say thank you. This memory is closely followed by the time they let me drive a tank! What were they thinking!?”
Back home, you’ll find her out on the New York scene every day. Sometimes you can literally find her out on the New York streets interviewing passers-by as one of her 30 characters. With a BFA in acting from the University of Connecticut, you can bet she flexes her acting muscles to bring the laughs.
With appearances on The Wendy Williams Show, Gotham Live, and The Little Couple, Robyn is no stranger to the small screen, televised and online. She’s written for WWE Network’s Edge and Christian Show and has appeared in various sketches you’ll be able to find at her Instagram page.

Currently, she hosts Cawfee Tawk with Robyn Schall. The ongoing Youtube series sees Robyn interviewing other comedians from the safety of her home (and theirs) as COVID-19 Shelter at Home safety measures continue in New York State and around the United States.
“Always try your hardest to find the humor of any situation,” Robyn reminds us. “During the hardest times humor will always help make it easier.” And truly we can laugh during the hard times when those like Robyn Schall are here to make us laugh.