27 April 2020
On Stage with Kyle Ocasio

AFE celebrates National Humor Month by highlighting our very own comedians who go on tour to bring the laughs, and a piece of home with every joke.

The infectiously energetic and #relatable comedian Kyle Ocasio has been performing stand up all over the country for well over a decade. Ocasio, based out of New York, has led five comedy tours across the globe with AFE since 2018, entertaining the troops everywhere from Southwest Asia to Europe.

Looking back at her time with AFE, one specific memory stands out to Ocasio.
“While performing on a base in Kuwait I had to use a not so glamorous port-a-potty, and as I was coming out four young Marines high-fived me and said they enjoyed the show the night before,” Ocasio said. “Odd moment but great!”
Not only is Ocasio dedicated to bringing laughter to the troops, she’s also passionate about her craft and how it helps her connect with other people.
“I love performing because it’s cathartic for me,” Ocasio said. “When I tell a joke that hits, I know the audience is in the moment with me and a shared laugh is an unbelievable feeling.”

A ride on a BlackHawk may have been one of Ocasio’s highlights from her time touring with AFE, but her own resume has some stand-out performances, with appearances on AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Fox News Radio, and Sirius XM, just to name a few.
Her debut album, “Tell Mommy Your Name Again,” in regular rotation on Sirius XM. Ocasio also topped the charts with a collaborative album called “Three’s Comedy” with fellow AFE alumni Vicky Kuperman and Joe DeVito.

Ocasio shared a moment of inspiration with us while discussing the current situation around the globe.
“The world is in a different flow right now and that’s okay. A little reset to our mind is a good thing, plus we have to keep each other safe. During this time we can laugh and create to be stronger than ever when we return!”
Thank you, Kyle, for all you do to support the troops! You can keep up with Kyle on her Twitter or Instagram.