10 August 2018
Kid Ink brings hip-hop to servicemembers in the desert

By Jason Behnke, Stars and Stripes

Kid Ink is on a small stage in Bahrain on a hot and humid Thursday evening. The crowd, comprised of a couple hundred servicemembers and their families, sits lethargically, sweating in the nearly 100-degree desert heat as he takes the stage.

By his third song, the audience is on its feet dancing, the oppressive heat mostly forgotten.

Bahrain was Kid Ink’s sixth and final show of his Armed Forces Entertainment tour of Southwest Asia. After spending time with the troops throughout the region, he brought away a new appreciation for what servicemembers do.

“Especially a bunch of young kids that do these crazy jobs that I probably would have never been able to do at 21 or had the focus to do at 21,” Kid Ink said in an interview with American Forces Radio Bahrain. “It was already hard enough for me to keep a job at Gap at 21….”

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