29 June 2020
Bruce Campbell’s Last Fan Standing Comes to HomeGrown

Born from the world of Comic-Cons, well, world-wide, Last Fan Standing is a trivia show hosted by legendary actor Bruce Campbell. Four super fans are put to the test over sci-fi, horror, superhero, and cult classic movie knowledge. As you can imagine, the test of mettle proved popular and has since become one of the most popular independent shows of its kind, traveling to meet audience members and contestants in cities across the world United States.
Last December, Armed Forces Entertainment had the pleasure of bringing the trivia show overseas during Home for the Holidays. Mr. Campbell came himself to Korea and Guam, hosting the interactive game show at Camp Casey, Camp Humphreys, Suwon Air Base, and Naval Base Guam. An unforgettable experience for many, touring manager Steve Sellery recalled an exciting appearance at Humphreys.

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“It was amazing seeing all the troops and their families come out to try to be the champ,” Steve recalled. “The XO won here and honestly, we could not have scripted something like that happening. Touring out abroad can be tough but every moment is worth it when they have a great time. Bruce is ready to come back out where we’re needed!”
A true testament to the commitment of entertaining our men and women overseas, Bruce Campbell and Steve Sellery, who also produced the series, bring Last Fan Standing to HOMEGROWN. Catch the re-release of every episode exclusively for Armed Forces Entertainment, starting June 30th. Watch now!

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