19 November 2019
Bruce Campbell brings holiday cheer to our troops overseas

by Susan Leighton, 1428 Elm
Bruce Campbell sat down with us for a quick chat to discuss his latest venture. The actor will be traveling overseas to give our troops a bit of holiday cheer with his game show, Last Fan Standing.
Bruce Campbell will be teaming up with Armed Forces Entertainment to bring his pop culture trivia game show, Last Fan Standing to our troops overseas. AFE has been providing holiday cheer to the women and men that serve our country for over 60 years.
This is a proud tradition that started during World War II with the USO booking top performers of the day like Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra to entertain our soldiers. More recently, top-notch personalities like John Krasinski, Stephen Colbert, Gary Sinise, Drew Brees and Milo Ventimiglia have also visited our troops abroad to thank them for protecting our freedoms each and every day.
For those readers that are unfamiliar with Last Fan Standing, this is an interactive game that Campbell has taken on the road before to conventions and other venues. It is a celebration of geekdom that gives contestants the chance to showcase their entertainment trivia expertise.
Initially, everyone in the audience gets to participate. Using clickers, they answer a series of questions in various categories such as horror, science-fiction, superheroes and fantasy.
Four individuals will be selected based on their correct and timely answers. They join Bruce onstage to battle it out to see who will be crowned the Last Fan Standing.

1428 Elm was fortunate enough to snag the actor for a quick chat before he embarks on his latest adventure to find out how he became involved with AFE, where he will be appearing and more!

Bringing Groovy to the Other Side of the World

1428 Elm: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Bruce. We are curious about your background with Armed Forces Entertainment. Did you become involved with them after you went to Iraq with Jeffrey Donovan or through your partner, Steve Sellery & Last Fan Standing?
Bruce Campbell: The answer is kind of both. Jeffrey and I went to visit the troops in Iraq in 09. Steve Sellery and I met about five years ago at the Sam Houston base in San Antonio and then we also did Last Fan Standing at Camp Lejeune together.
1428 Elm: What bases will you be visiting on your AFE tour?
BC: We will be visiting three bases in Korea and one in Guam. Here is the roster:
Show 1, Dec. 10: Camp Casey, South Korea
Show 2, Dec. 11: Suwon Air Base
Show 3, Dec. 12: Camp Humphreys
Show 4, Dec. 14: Naval Base Guam
1428 Elm: Is this your first time visiting an Asian country? Anything particular that you want to experience while you are there?
BC: I’ve had an airplane touchdown in Hong Kong eons ago but yeah this is pretty much the first time for me in that part of the world. Mostly, this is about entertaining the troops, so there won’t be a lot of time to do extracurricular stuff. That’s the downside of touring, but of course the upside is seeing the troops near the holidays and showing support.

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