22 May 2020
Before They’re Gone: A Photo Tribute to the Veterans of WWII

Memorial Day is May 25, 2020.
For Memorial Day, we honor the military personnel who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. For many across the country, this is the day we pay deep respects to those who came before us, sacrificing their lives in one way or another for our country. Our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters proudly serve without hesitation. And Memorial Day is our day to stop and recognize their lives, and especially their stories.
Few capture their stories quite like photographer D. Clarke Evans. In a tribute to the veterans of World War II, he has photographed over 80 WWII veterans, intimately preserving their stories through the lens. Evans himself served in the Marine Corps Reserve and has been a professional photographer since. Most recently, he’s retired from being an NBA photographer for the San Antonio Spurs.
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Now he dedicates much of his time to the projects he’s deeply passionate about. The veterans photography project is such a series.
The U.S. Veteran Administration estimates fewer than 700,000 living veterans remain from WWII. Current estimates project that the last remaining WWII veterans will have passed by 2036. Evans captures their memories and perspectives, photographing the men and women who do “not view themselves as heroes.”
Along with all the WWII veterans’ stories and images, Evans’s new series focuses on Marines. Semper Fidelis captures Marine Corps veterans from across all generations, displaying their essence and showcasing what makes a Marine exceptional.

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