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Learn how to use Armed Forces Entertainment’s brand assets

Our Brand. Our Identity.

The way we present our brand to the world, says everything about our identity and purpose, without ever really saying a word. Our colors, typography and logo have been meticulously placed together by professionals in the industry so that when someone sees our collateral, they know exactly who we are. That’s why we’ve put together this guide with all the elements you’ll need to present our brand the way it was intended to be presented on your own posters, news releases, etc.

AFE Brand Guideline Book
Download Brand Guidelines >

Armed Forces Entertainment Logo

Please use the following logo standards for all media communications. Remember never to stretch or distort the logo in any way.

Download the full set of Armed Forces Entertainment logos > AFE Logo Parts


The logo is available in the following formats below.

AFE Horizontal LogoAFE Vertical Logo

Full color RGB or CMYK for use on white or light backgrounds (vertical and horizontal).

AFE Horizontal Logo ReversedAFE Vertical Logo Reversed

Reversed full color for use on dark, colored, or image backgrounds (vertical and horizontal).

AFE Horizontal Logo BlackAFE Vertical Logo Black AFE Horizontal Logo WhiteAFE Vertical Logo White

Single-color, black or white for use when only one color is allowed (vertical and horizontal).

AFE Horizontal Logo RedAFE Vertical Logo Red

Reversed full color for use on red backgrounds (vertical and horizontal).

Armed Forces Entertainment Taglines

Any of our taglines can be used in unison with the AFE signature. Remember not to change the design or positioning of the taglines. They have been designed to look as they are in the examples below.

The tagline is available in the following formats below.

Good Times Front and Center

This phrase is used as a positioning line on materials that address general military audiences, such as materials intended for installation promotion.

Down Range, Center Stage

This phrase is used as a positioning line on materials that address the military in Southwest Asia only.

Where Stars Earn Their Stripes

This phrase is used as a positioning line only when addressing the entertainment market.

Armed Forces Entertainment Colors

You will use the following when introducing color into any AFE collateral. AFE Red is our primary color. This means that you should keep this color in mind first, when designing for our brand. Please also remember to keep design clean and open. Make good use of white space – do not clutter the design. Our design is minimalistic and modern.

C 0 M 100 Y 99 K 4
R 227 G 27 B 35
HEX: e31b23
PMS: 1797 C
AFE Black
C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 100
R 0 G 0 B 0
HEX: 000000
PMS: Process Black C
AFE White
C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 0
R 225 G 225 B 225
HEX: ffffff


When creating collateral, the following fonts should be used. Please use only the approved fonts – no variations. These are the fonts that have been chosen to best represent our brand. They complement our logo and design style, and should be used in a consistent manner to match all other AFE material.

Each font has licensing restrictions and each installation is responsible for obtaining their own license. They are available for purchase online: Advert, Rubber Stamp and Gotham.

AFE Advert Font
AFE Rubber Stamp Font
AFE Gotahm Font

Tour Poster Samples

If you’ve read our brand guidelines, and followed best practices, you should end up with material similar to what you see below. Use these examples to help you craft collateral that is true to our brand.

AFE Poster Samples

This is an example of a blank poster template that is provided by Armed Forces Entertainment.

AFE Poster Samples Cobranded

This is an example of how to use our poster template. Note the large typography so that it is easily readable from a distance. It also has minimal copy as to not get busy and there is a heirarachy of information, a large header in Rubber Stamp, a subhead in Advert and smaller support copy in Gotham. Add cobranding logos smaller and away from the AFE logo.

For any questions about our brand standards, please contact Brian Burke, AFE Marketing Analyst.