18 April 2024
Runaway June

Award-winning country music trio Runaway June are performing with Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) this spring. The group, who are veterans of AFE tours, will perform in five shows at bases across Southwest Asia from April 8-13, 2024.

Strong-minded, soft-hearted, and wildly free-spirited, each member of Runaway June possesses the kind of powerhouse talent and radiant charisma that fully commands the spotlight. But when the three musicians sing together, their crystalline harmonies create an impact well beyond the sum of its parts and instantly stir up a whole world of feeling: sweet relief from heartache, escape from the everyday chaos, and unabashed freedom to shake off your inhibitions.

Runaway June’s career triumphs include earning nominations from the Academy of Country Music Awards and the CMT Music Awards, bringing their electrifying live set to spots on tour with Country icons like Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan, and scoring a major radio hit with their GOLD-certified breakthrough single, “Buy My Own Drinks.” The Nashville, TN-based trio are now set to deliver a new chapter, and their effervescent sound shines like never before.

Whether they’re offering up an intimate confessional or a barn-burning anthem, Runaway June endlessly reveals the eclectic sensibilities at the heart of their collaboration.

After an appearance at the historic Grand Ole Opry, Runaway June spent much of summer 2022 thrilling crowds at major festivals. “You typically don’t see women shredding onstage the way we do, and I think people really love seeing how much fun we have up there,” says band member Stevie Woodward. Jennifer Wayne, another group member, adds: “My favorite thing is when people say to us, ‘We can tell how much fun you girls are having onstage, and it makes us feel good too.’ We always want everyone to feel like they’re a big part of what we’re doing.”

For all three members of Runaway June, including Natalie Stovall, that heartfelt push for joyful inclusivity serves as the band’s driving force. “When the audience is really engaged and having a good time, it’s like there’s this cycle where we keep giving more back to them and they give more and more back to us,” says Stovall. “With the live show and with our songs, we want everyone to feel like they’re hanging out with us, like there’s no separation. It’s our way of making sure people know that they’re not alone.”

AFE has been committed to boosting the morale and well-being of service members and their families stationed overseas through world-class live events and performances since 1951.