25 May 2023
Kaitlin Walker

May 25, 2023 – Country and rock and roll artist Kaitlin Walker will be touring with Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) as part of their Heat Wave tour. Walker will be performing in four shows on bases across Southwest Asia, from July 2-7. Heat Wave is an annual summer music and performance series that features artists, athletes, and other performers throughout parts of June and July.

Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Kaitlin Walker, has wanted to perform since she was just 3 years old. With small beginnings in the town of Bloomington, IN – including learning to read on her karaoke machine – Kaitlin and her family moved to Florida during her elementary years, where her love for music continued to grow. When she was seventeen, her dream of moving to Nashville and starting her career as a country music artist became a reality.

Kaitlin’s lyrics connect her with listeners from all walks of life. From the new, feel-good lakeside tune, “So Am I,” to deep cuts like “Tornado” and “Letter from Heaven,” Kaitlin’s bluesy, soulful voice conveys the kind of emotion that only comes from experience. Kaitlin’s genre is modern outlaw-country. She is authentically soulful in her sound but tenderly country through and through, a combination that makes her approachable and intriguing.

Today, you can find Kaitlin collaborating with other songwriters and musicians, recording, and releasing new songs. You can find her newest release, “So Am I” at www.kaitlinwalkermusic.com. When she is not working in the studio, you might catch her performing on some of Broadway’s main stages. Check out her upcoming performances on www.kaitlinwalkermusic.com.

This tour is presented by AFE. Since 1951, AFE has been providing the best performances for U.S. troops and their families stationed overseas, and they are committed to boosting the morale and well-being of service members through world-class live events and performances.