18 July 2023
If That Was Me

If That Was Me, an interactive game show, is touring with Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) this November. As a returning act for AFE, If That Was Me will be touring bases in the Pacific from November 8-18, during which time they will be performing in seven shows.

If That Was Me is a fast paced, interactive game show where audience members are taken on a journey through a series of tribute games, similar to popular American TV games like The Price Is Right, Family Feud, Fear Factor, and Deal or NO Deal, as well as some unique creations.  Prizes range from popular gift cards and electronics to cash payouts. It’s a game of chance, luck, and timing. Here’s your chance to come out and prove what you would do if you were playing some of your favorite TV games…with a twist! The show features performers Samantha Belle, Jasmine Stover, Rosemarie Lewis, Robert Lewis, and DJ REL.

Samantha Belle, or “Sam”, is an award-winning actress and singer that took to the stage before she could walk. She has been a performer with If That Was Me since 2016, and has toured to Okinawa, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Colorado Springs, Colorado. She can be seen as ‘Samantha’ in the movie Instant Karma on Amazon Prime and lives with her 2 dogs and wife in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jasmine Stover, or “Sassy J”,  is one of the multi-talented hostesses and facilitators of If That Was Me. She has been with the show for 6 years. Jasmine is a former pro cheerleader and dancer, as well as Mrs. Guam Earth and Mrs. Hemisphere Ambassador. When not performing on the show, she is a BHC-certified health and life coach and founder of her own professional dance company.

Rosemarie Lewis, or “Speedy”, is the right-hand and spark plug of the If That Was Me team. She is the show’s lead coordinator and has been with the tour for 16 years. Her non-stop energy and smile are infectious. She is a former professional karaoke DJ, and is currently a ballroom and modern jazz dancer performing overseas in Germany and Japan. She teaches dance classes in her spare time and lives in sunny California.

Robert Lewis, or “RobSki Sensation”, is the creator and host of the unique, fun and highly interactive TV game show tribute If That Was Me, he is bringing it to AFE. He is a military veteran, professional DJ, MC, and game show host. While stationed in Okinawa he was referred to by many as “The Voice” (years before the popular show aired) for his work in hosting dozens of concerts, comedy shows, fashion shows, and auctions. He started the show in 2006 after hosting games for Air Force Club members-only events from 2001-2009. Inspired by the people that he met and their life stories, RobSki committed himself to making the show available for everyone, saying “If we make one person smile, we’ve done our job. You never know who in your audience is going through something so, always give your very best”.

DJ REL Has been with the show for 15 years. He is an Air Force veteran and professional DJ from fabulous Las Vegas.  He loves 80s and 90s music, and plays mostly private gigs in addition to owning his own mobile DJ company.

AFE has been committed to boosting the morale and well-being of service members and their families stationed overseas through world-class live events and performances since 1951.