19 July 2016
Zombie flick marks veteran success story for entertainers visiting Camp Arifjan

The veterans, turned producers, of the movie Range 15, always intended their over-the-top zombie comedy for a military-centric audience. But, playing the film for military personnel in combat zones and forward operating bases has a special meaning for the crew.
“It was always our plan to go out to show this movie for the military community overseas,” said Nick Palmisciano, a Range 15 actor and producer, who spent six years in the Army as an infantry officer. “We started in April and we are finally here.”
More than 200 people filled the MWR Theater June 15 at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait for two separate screenings of Range 15, a movie that followed the veteran actors as they wake up one morning to find a zombie apocalypse upon them.
Former Army Ranger Matt Best and Air Force veteran, Jarred “J.T.” Taylor, of Article 15 Clothing and Palmisciano, the CEO of Ranger Up Military Apparel, have been touring with Armed Forces Entertainment in Iraq, Kuwait and the Horn of Africa to screen their movie.
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