30 August 2019
What to Do on Your 72?

Labor Day weekend has arrived!

There will be time to sit by the pool and grill, or maybe you’ll be looking at memes on Facebook while on duty. Either way, we’re giving you our tips to celebrating during the long weekend. Wherever you’re stationed, we’ve got your back with some ideas that will get you off the couch this Labor Day.

1. Bring The Water Park To You

BBQ and grilling hardly feel right without some water splashing around. Especially in the heat. With whatever yard you’ve got, break out the water balloons, water guns, and sprinklers for some #DIY fun.

2. Be a Tourist, Or Local, For a Day

You may be stationed in a country you’ve never been to before, but that’s all the more reason to use leave to explore, shop, and eat as the locals do… when in Rome, right? Check out the museums, beaches, or mountains. Chances are there’s more than a handful of tourist attractions nearby.

3. “Staycation” for the Win

This tip is too simple: rent a hotel room for the night, pick up your guilty pleasure snacks from the shopette, and enjoy that pool. There’s no PT this weekend so kick back, relax, and binge watch the movies and TV shows your friends and family keeps telling you about.

4. AFE Has a Show For You

If you’re in the Pacific, Europe, or Western Hemisphere, Armed Forces Entertainment has a show for you on base this Labor Day. We’ve got the LA Rams Cheerleaders, the magic showcase from Jason Michaels, and even a live version of Clue with the Murder Mystery Tour.

5. Sing Your Heart Out / Embarrass Yourself

No place to go in town that feels extraordinary? Chances are there’s still karaoke close by. Oh yeah, you read that right… go out to a local piano bar or karaoke joint to sing along with, or at, the crowd. Heck, you can even host your own karaoke night with some covers on YouTube. Harmony not guaranteed.

6. Block Party for All

You’re grilling, watching sports, and all out of water balloons. That means its time for your very own parade. Get the kids out to decorate any wagons, bikes, strollers, you name it. Let them show off and burn off the last of the holiday energy while you get some pictures and video in for everyone back home.