More than 40 sailors and local American and Japanese civilians punched, wrestled, grappled and choked their way through a mixed martial arts clinic led Saturday by a retired Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor.
The event was held at Yokosuka by head coach Mark Munoz, a Filipino-American who was born at the base to a Navy petty officer father. Munoz was assisted by three other coaches with UFC experience.
The event was broken into an hourlong wrestling and grappling techniques class, followed by a two-hour MMA clinic. The former focused on wrestling fundamentals and takedowns, while the latter taught punching, submission, movement and grappling techniques….

… The tour, called MMA Cage Crusaders, is held in partnership with Armed Forces Entertainment. It will visit Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni Sept. 4, Okinawa’s Camp Hansen and Kadena Air Base Sept. 6-7, and Naval Base Guam Sept. 9.

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