25 April 2017
Reservist pulls double duty to entertain the troops

Maj. Wayne Capps, 315th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Officer, has more than one trick up his sleeve.
The PAO recently traveled to more than six countries, performing illusions for U.S. troops as part of the ‘Masters of Magic’ tour performing 10 shows in 17 days, with a little help from some magical friends.
Capps was invited to perform on the Armed Forces Entertainment tour with other famous magicians Dave Chandler, also known as “The Boston Magician”, and Murray Sawchuck, a Las Vegas headlining magician and reality TV star.
According to the AFE website, Capps is one of the Southeast’s most talented stage illusionists, performing in nearly 20 countries and alongside many celebrities. In Charleston, he has an annual summer theater show and runs the successful Charleston Magic Parlor.
“I’ve shared a stage with Penn and Teller and sawed Flava Flav in half,” said Capps. “I’ve also performed at Stephen Colbert’s home, but this tour may be the highlight of my career as a magician.”
According to Capps, it was important to provide a piece of home to the troops abroad for many reasons. Unlike his magical counterparts, Capps is the only one serving in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.
During one of the stops on the tour, Capps performed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This experience brought back a lot of memories for the magician, since he was deployed there for six months in 2015.
“Performing for these men and women means the world to me,” said Capps. “I’ve been deployed multiple times, including Guantanamo Bay, and understand what it’s like being thousands of miles from my family, and sitting where they’re sitting now. AFE shows give a break from reality, and offer a piece of home….”
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