31 March 2020
On Stage with Don Barnhart

AFE celebrates National Humor Month by highlighting our very own comedians who go on tour to bring the laughs, and a piece of home with every joke.
No stranger to Armed Forces Entertainment, Don Barnhart has been touring with the U.S. military for over 25 years. Since 1992, Don has toured for AFE, MWR, and the USO as performer and producer.

With over 500 shows performed overseas, Don has traveled Southwest Asia and beyond. In the documentary I Am Battle Comic, Don is joined by Bob Kubota, Slade Ham, Jeff Capri, and other stand up comedians as they travel for AFE and the USO throughout Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Bahrain. A rare look into the world of these performers and actors, the movie shows the seriousness of what it takes to be a comedian bringing the laughs to all those who need it.
“I love it when someone comes up after a show and tells me they saw me in Baghram or some other remote FOB,” shares Barnhart. “One of the greatest joys is seeing the men and women when they come home and they come to my show and tell us how important the shows [abroad] are to them. It often helps get them through the day by bringing them a piece of home and letting them know they are not forgotten.”
When not touring for the troops, Don can be seen in the one and only Las Vegas where he has residencies for a weekly show at Jokesters Comedy Club and Hypnomania! You read that right. Not only is Don class act stand-up, but a renowned hypnotist also.

His witty observations on American everyday living are classic. Hilarious only begins to describe his act which is always beloved by troops when he tours. “During every show in the states, I say a shout out to the troops to remind my audiences that we have men and women putting their life on the line so we can enjoy the luxuries of freedom”… To Barnhart, there’s no better reason than to bring comedy to the frontlines. “It’s truly an honor and privilege to be able to go overseas and entertain the men and women that serve our country. I’m eternally grateful and only wish I could do more.”