9 January 2023
Looking Ahead to 2023

We’re very excited to share some news and are looking forward to having an awesome 2023. From special events to special guests, we’ve got entertainment to fill the year with fun for the whole family.

Kick off the year with the long-awaited return of the Pro Blitz. Starting in February, get ready to meet with NFL legends like Jim Zorn, Willie Roaf, Michael Haynes. Greet NFL Hall of Famers and feel their love and passion for the game as they talk all about the nail-biting world of professional football. And let’s not forget about the incredible concerts courtesy of rock icons like Hoobstank and Halestorm.

Next, we’re shining the spotlight on what makes this all worth it by celebrating family during Month of the Military Child! We’re bringing you and your loved ones some Awesome Family Entertainment this April with arts and crafts and family-friendly concerts by artists like the Imagination Movers!

Set your summer ablaze with our Heat Wave music festival, bringing you live music and comedy that is sure to keep you entertained. With musicians like Max and Drowning Pool, and plenty of comedy acts to keep a smile on your face HERE we’ll hope you take advantage of this Always Free Entertainment.

Finally, end the year right with our Home for the Holidays celebration starting in November. Whatever the weather and wherever you might be, we’re sending you and your loved ones holiday cheer in the form of comedy, music and entertainment, from our family to yours.

We hope you’re looking forward to 2023 as much as we are. We’ve got so much planned, with performances by the king of love songs, Brian McKnight, illusionary magician, Rob Lake, renowned pit-master Moe Cason, and comedy shows that will keep you laughing throughout the year. For the latest entertainment news, sign up for the AFE Newsletter!