10 March 2015
Local band to tour Europe
Los Angeles-based band Slant is “bringing a piece of home through hard rock” on a tour for the United States Armed Forces serving overseas in Europe.
The tour, which starts Wednesday, is hosted by the Armed Forces Entertainment, who make it a priority to provide “the very best in American entertainment” for the soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors serving the country.
“We are fortunate enough to be invited for the third time to play for the troops,” said guitarist Munir Hoque. “It’s a really cool experience; it’s so emotional. These troops are working their butts off every day away from home, for who knows how long, creating this freedom that we take for granted in this country. For us to experience this is something that we will never forget.”
Lead singer and guitarist Fahim Zaman agrees.
“They’re dealing with hard core real life stuff,” said Zaman. “We are still all at war perpetually, and it’s a good break for them. Even if it’s just one night out of the base to just let go, party and just be normal.”
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