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From The Comedy Store in Los Angeles to the Comedy Cellar in New York, stand up comedians tirelessly work to make us laugh and cry. Then there are the comics who bring the military and veterans comedy wherever they’re stationed.

From the Battle Comics to solo acts such as Rob Schneider, Bill Bellamy and George Lopez, this is the hub for those who help AFE bring the laughs wherever we go across the globe.

A History of Laughter

Tried and true to the way AFE began, comedy is one of the most important ways our deployed troops find relaxation. The first Bob Hope USO tours started in 1943, laying the foundation for AFE as an organization providing entertainment to troops serving overseas.

Following in his footsteps are George Lopez, Adam Devine, Cedric Yarbrough, Karri Turner, and many more you’ll discover here and on upcoming tours… making 2020 a year of unforgettable comedy tours brought to you by Armed Forces Entertainment.

The Reviews

We think they’re funny already, but audiences agree… Find a bigger critic, we dare you.

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Comedy is meant to make as many people laugh as possible. But in the Armed Services, comedy takes on the special role of helping active service members find relaxation and community.

Why Comedy Matters to the Military

Year after year, comedians, actors, and entertainers alike, join forces and make it their mission to provide laughter to U.S. troops deployed across Southwest Asia, the Mediterranean, Pacific, Western Hemisphere, and Europe.



Like any real standup, these comics bring their jokes to where the road gigs take them. More than a release of tension and stress, these performers provide touches and glimpses of life back home. Traveling under extreme conditions, and with a packed schedule, stand-ups come out on tours such as World Wide Comedy, Zero Dork Nerdy, and Operation Punchline.


Legendary road comics, actors, and magicians give their all in bringing performances to bases during the troops’ downtime. Even if performing for one night only, AFE’s comedians and entertainers can be in 2 or 3 countries all in the matter of a week. The schedule can be grueling at times. Yet, the passion they have is no laughing matter.


I Am Battle Comic, the documentary sequel to I Am Comic, covers the journey of comedians Dan Barnhart Jr., Jeff Capri, Bob Kubota, Slade Ham and more as they travel Southwest Asia for AFE and USO. A rare look into the world of these performers and actors, the movie shows the seriousness of what it takes to be a comedian bringing the laughs to all those who need it.

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