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Part 3: A Year of Entertainment in Pictures

Photos of troops and families having a fantastic time at AFE events caps off everything we worked for in 2022. We’re looking forward to bringing even more comedy, music, sports and surprises to entertain the military next year. Here’s to an exciting 2023! Pomp, Snow and CIRQUEcumstance dazzle fans with an up-close look at their… Read more »

Part 2: A Year of Entertainment in Pictures

AFE put together so many tours in 2022, our camera roll is full of photos of the troops having a great time! We’re sharing these pics of troops and military families having fun so you can look back this year’s good times and make plans for even more fun AFE events next year. Stay tuned… Read more »

Behind the Heat Wave: Brian McKnight

Streaming 25 June It’s okay to swoon when Brian McKnight takes the stage for the 25 June premiere of AFE’s Heat Wave virtual summer concert series. Smooth, relaxed, charming and genuine, he’s a singer women want and men want to be like. McKnight has charted with top-selling singles and albums, has sung the national anthem… Read more »

Behind the Heat Wave: Rodney Atkins & Friends

Streaming 15 June The first of three AFE Heat Wave shows premieres 15 June, featuring musical artists with chart-topping singles – and two who have won top competition prizes. Rodney Atkins returns to the Heat Wave lineup after his huge performances in 2018 at Ramstein AB and USAG Stuttgart. This time he’s bringing friends. Atkins… Read more »