Our Mission

Over the last 60 years, entertainment has served as one of the biggest morale boosters for U.S. Troops serving overseas.

The responsible organization for overseas military entertainment has changed names and jurisdictions over the last five decades; from the United Services Organization Camp Shows to the U.S. Army’s Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Office (AFPEO) and resting today with the U.S. Air Force’s Armed Forces Entertainment office. But the mission has remained constant; to provide a program of live, professional entertainment to enhance the quality of life for Armed Forces personnel.

Today, Armed Forces Entertainment is the single point of contact for the Department of Defense for providing entertainment to troops overseas. More than 60 tours are sent out providing over 600 performances per year to 400,000 soldiers.

From the first muddy, make-shift stages where theatrical performers sang and danced for military personnel and their families to today’s showstoppers that reach military bases around the world, the Department of Defense has made entertainment a top priority.