13 April - 20 April


No Worries, Just Happy

We all have days when we could use a good laugh. If you are ready to lighten the mood, then we have just what you need! Stand-up comedians Carlos Rodriguez, Jill Kimmel, and Patrick DeGuire know a thing or two about laughter—from careers in stand-up festivals and comedy clubs to TV, movies, radio, and beyond, you are in good hands with these professionals. Get ready for a good time as these comics bring their wittiest observations, funniest punchlines, and most outrageous stories to a stage near you.

We have saved you a seat, so grab your friends and join us. There are no worries here, just good times and great laughs. Do not miss your chance to have some fun—the jokes are on us!

Tue 16 Apr 2024 SINGAPORE SHOW
Tour FAQs
  • How do I get schedule information on specific shows?

    We make it easy. The calendar and menu of events are categorized by genre and region, right here on our site.

  • Why do entertainers perform for the military?

    Performers need to perform. It's in their DNA. Plus, going on tour with Armed Forces Entertainment is an opportunity for artists to give back and honor the sacrifices deployed servicemembers and their families make on behalf of our country. For up-and-coming artists, touring with AFE is a great way to build an audience. For established artists, it's an up-close-and-personal way to say thanks to fans.

  • How much do tickets cost?

    It's FREE to attend every Armed Forces Entertainment show. Every single show, every single time.

  • Why are there occasional schedule changes?

    Sometimes emergencies and personal challenges pop up for scheduled artists. Add the uncertainty of world politics, and tour agendas inevitably shift. We rush the updates to the effected venue and make changes to the online show schedule as quickly as possible. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen, and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Can I invite non-military people to AFE events?

    It depends on the rules of your installation. In general, yes, non-military guests are allowed at AFE shows. But military personnel are our priority.

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez was thrown into comedy—brought up in a large family of characters, he quickly became a fast-talking entertainer, eventually leading him to a career in comedy. When he takes the stage, his inner child comes out with all the passion, excitement, and energy of a new performer while maintaining the grace and comfort of a seasoned professional. Rodriguez brings a clever, silly, and approachable voice to comedy. In a fun and relatable way, his observational humor touches beyond daily occurrences to deep-rooted memories of his childhood, views on the simplest ideas, and the most off-beat subject matter. A regular at comedy clubs across the United States, Rodriguez has also headlined for the U.S. military overseas. He has spread laughter on several different continents, including Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Jill Kimmel

A hilarious mother of adult children, Jill Kimmel has brought her observations about divorce, middle-aged dating, and raising kids on five overseas tours for the military. She has also performed in Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival and was featured on Comedy Central’s “Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City.” She appeared in the 2021 fall season of “Crank Yankers” and performs on cruise ships worldwide.

Patrick DeGuire

Patrick DeGuire started performing stand-up after losing a significant amount of vision and discovering laughter to be self-therapeutic. Soon after getting started, he won the Improv/Harrah’s National Comedy Club Talent Search, which led to numerous appearances on national television, including Comedy Central and “Que Locos” on Galavisión. Patrick has been heard on nationally syndicated radio shows, such as “The BOB & TOM Show,” and on NPR. DeGuire has performed and toured with such comedians as Tom Segura, Theo Von, Gary Owen, Tommy Davidson, Gabriel Iglesias, George Lopez, and Paul Rodriguez. In addition to headlining at top comedy clubs throughout the United States, he has also performed for U.S. troops overseas in the Bahamas, Bahrain, Caribbean, Cuba (Guantanamo Bay), Djibouti, Dubai, Greenland, Guam, Honduras, Iraq, Japan, and Korea. DeGuire’s material includes the advantages and disadvantages of living in a world with limited vision and the challenges that arise from it, the obstacles of relationships, and being a father and stepfather to eight children. He also addresses an assortment of other insightful and hilarious topics.