Hip-hop artist Lecrae recently toured with us in Japan and Okinawa to bring his inspiring music to the troops.



When asked about his experience, he said: “My background affects my music in a sense that I think a lot of hip-hop artists come from disenfranchised circumstances or struggles. And so some of the things that I’ve been through, rap music is my outlet to communicate that, and now as I’ve gotten older and I’ve transitioned and gone through so much stuff, I can now start giving solutions to a lot of the stuff I’ve been through.

Lecrea on tour with Armed Forces Entertainment

I would say all the positivity and hope that I exude, first and foremost, comes from my faith in God. And two, it comes from having a really solid community of people around me who, in my worst times, they are there for me. They’ve been there for me consistently. Touring with Armed Forces Entertainment is really special. It’s unique because you’re getting to see so many worlds at one time, you’re getting to affect so many worlds at one time. It’s the country that you’re coming to, you’re seeing that, you’re seeing military life, and you’re getting to inspire the people who are out there sacrificing every day so that you don’t have to worry about the security and safety of your own home. That’s a real added benefit to Armed Forces Entertainment.

Lecrea performs for Armed Forces Entertainment at Yokota Air Base

It’s important to provide hope and inspiration to people because, I think, you can’t take care of anybody else if you are not mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. If I can contribute to your mental, emotional, spiritual health, then I’m contributing to you being better for your country, your family, everything. For me, that’s very crucial. Sharing my talent with Armed Forces Entertainment and with the military is special to me because it gives me a chance to give back. And that’s what it’s really all about. It’s about giving back, it’s about ‘you can talk about it, but can you be about it?’ And if I’m this person who’s always talking about affecting change and helping service people, but you never see it, then I’m just talking.”

Rapper Lecrae posing with a fan