Comedian and actor Adam Devine traveled with AFE to Japan and Okinawa to bring laughter to the troops.


When asked about his experience, he said, “Touring with Armed Forces Entertainment has been the craziest, best experience that I’ve ever had. I’ve got to go all over Japan. Normally, if you come to Japan, you’re just vacationing, you’re gonna go to Tokyo, you’re gonna go maybe one other place. But I’ve got to experience things that I never thought I would experience and driving through the countryside and seeing the roadside stops and the food it is, oh, it is so good.

Adam Devine poses on stage with fellow comedians in front of large crowd of fans


I feel like my head has grown three sizes on this tour. I love getting out there and making people laugh, especially like with Armed Forces Entertainment, going to places where people need to laugh. People need a little piece of home and to make this foreign land not feel so foreign. I feel so lucky doing this and having these opportunities. It’s cool when people are excited to meet you. I know people that aren’t like that and it just bums me out. This was my childhood dream to do this and the fact that it worked out the way I wanted it to, like I set out a plan, and now I’m achieving that, what do I have to complain about? I just want to say thank you so much for doing what you do and protecting us and serving us and giving me the opportunity to come here and just be the goofy little maniac that I am. Because without them doing what they do, we could very easily not have the freedoms that we have.”


Comedian Devine performs on stage on an AFE tour