Jason Michaels

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AFE alumni and illusionist Jason Michaels brings sleight-of-hand and humor to HOMEGROWN.

About Jason Michaels

Jason Michaels is a professional entertainer & speaker with astounding expertise in the arts of deception. He has been studying sleight of hand, illusion, and theater for twenty-five years. A storyteller by heart, Jason loves to blend impossible mysteries with unforgettable tales.

Jason brings his sense of humor and fun to every appearance. He uses his two hands, ten fingers, and cleverness to entertain and educate his audiences about the devious practices of the con man, the charlatan, and the cheat.

Jason has shared his style of interactive sleight-of-hand and humor with audiences on over 100 military bases worldwide and for private affairs all over the world, including Nashville, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Orlando, the Caribbean, Beijing, and London.