AFE Cirque Dreams Stars & Stripes

The only thing ordinary is the...Extraordinary

Cirque Dreams, a state-of-the-art interactive experience, brings Stars & Stripes to tour with Armed Forces Entertainment this May. Performing shows across Japan, these world-class artists will guide audiences through a journey of exciting music, gravity-defying acrobatics, and dazzling magic.

Throughout the Vegas-style show, there will be feats of strength, contortion, and surprises along the way…Audiences will only be able to expect the unexpected as dreams become reality in this fantastic production.

Costume Design Contest

Are your Big Ideas BIG enough for the Big Stage?

There’s even a chance for your child to design a costume for the upcoming shows! From now until 29 March 2019, entries can be submitted below for a chance to win. Your child can use his or her imagination to design their very own version of a Stars & Stripes costume.

Download the template and follow instructions on how to enter and submit below. The chosen winner will be notified and have his or her design worn on stage during the show.

Entries due March 29, 2019 • Open to children ages 5–14

One entry per child

Once you have downloaded the template and your child has designed their costume, scan or take a picture of it and attach it to this form along with all of your information. Once a design has been chosen, the winner will be notified by phone or email. Read the official rules below:

  • Kids can use any media (crayon, markers, paint, colored pencils, etc.)
  • One entry per child
  • Entry submission must be .jpeg, .gif, or .png (PDF file format not supported)
  • Open to children ages 5-14
  • Deadline is 29 March 2019

Good luck!