Author: Amantha Hons

Honoring America’s Black Military Trailblazers

The most recent census shows more than two million African Americans currently serve in the U.S. military. During Black History Month, AFE takes a look at a few early leaders whose military service set the standard and whose prominence and bravery continue to lead as an example of patriotism and sacrifice. In the early days… Read more »

Football Rivalries are a Laughing Matter

NFL fans have been tussling over team rivalries since the first game kicked off in 1920. They’ll probably continue to tussle every week until the end of time. If you’re still ticked about the 14-0 rout of the Panhandles by the Triangles in 1920, you’re a rivalry diehard. RIVALRIES FOR THE AGES        Chicago Bears and… Read more »

Big Game, Big Snacks

It’s nearly inconceivable that anyone can watch NFL games without snacks. And after all these years as a football fan, it’s time you fielded an unbeatable snack-attack strategy. So as you gear up for the in-person AFE Pro Blitz tour coming your way, or prepare to watch the Big Game on TV, here are some… Read more »

From the Academy to the Field

With the 2021 Army-Navy football game in the rear view mirror, are you going to see West Point and Annapolis players in future NFL games or on the AFE Pro Blitz tour? When a service academy football player dreams of going pro, it’s not as easy as signing on the dotted line after college graduation…. Read more »

NFL Bod Workout

Sure, some of it may be genetics, but NFL player bodies are made, not born. Just like your own PT, professional football players build on their regimen of hard work, good nutrition and laser focus to be ready for the rigors of the job. When you meet current players during the AFE Pro Blitz Tour… Read more »


Beginning in February, America’s overseas troops will have their own version of 50-yardline, front-row seats as retired and current NFL players, NFL cheerleaders and NFL mascots make appearances at about 70 military venues around the world. AFE’s Pro Blitz tour is one of the most anticipated events of the year, as troops and their accompanied… Read more »

How to Wrap a Gift Box

A military bed must be tidy. The sharp edges and tight sheets prove you can focus on details. The same goes for your wrapped gifts. A neatly wrapped gift tells the recipient that you care enough to do it right. Here’s how to achieve gift wrapping perfection. Step one: Gather your tools Sharp scissors –… Read more »