Comics On Duty

Danny Bevins
Danny Bevins has been called many things: juvenile delinquent, soldier, flight attendant, patient, husband and lately "disturbingly hilarious." For the last ten years Danny’s humor has propelled him to tour the world and perform on some of the most prestigious stages in comedy. The son of a Jesus fan and a Green Beret, Bevins straddles the line between temptation and authority. He’s loud, audacious, opinionated, cocky, animated, charming, irreverent, sarcastic, facetious, ridiculous and dangerous.

Danny was a featured performer on The World Stands Up, filmed in London, currently airing on comedy networks in Europe and Australia. More recently he performed at the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen for HBO. Bevins has been featured on the Jameson Comedy Tour and Comedy Central and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. He had his own comedy album – Danny Bevins A Different Kind of Bad and produced his own documentary, “Comics on Duty: We love you Mrs. Bevins.” Do not miss Danny Bevins, and his show that crosses boundaries, and does not pick sides.

Drake Witham
Drake Witham says, “Don’t quit your day job. Get fired.” If only he heeded his own advice when he followed his dream of stand-up comedy, he could’ve collected unemployment for a couple of months. Had he stayed on as a reporter, his dead-on impressions of his editors or his sharp tongue would’ve got him canned soon enough. “Once I heard a boss say, ‘I’m just thinking out loud’ and I said ‘that’s called talking.’ I’m pretty sure he wanted to fire me…out loud.”

But Witham left on his own terms pursuing comedy in LA. “Which means I became a temp. There’s nothing more empowering than being paid to NOT care.” For one of the few times ever, this temp career was temporary. Within two years of starting stand-up he won the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition. The ability to point out the inane with the attitude that none of us have to put up with it and a dead-pan delivery gets him work at clubs, corporate events, cruise ships, and private parties across the country and around the world. Clubs owners love his smart, clean material. Audiences love that he makes fun of himself. Pointing to his head he asks “does this strike anyone as a SUPERcut?”

The former journalist has become a regular on television. You may have seen him on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham or on one of his several appearances on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He’s also appeared on Byron Allen’s and has performed for the troops in the Middle East and Europe. Witham’s not planning on quitting comedy anytime soon and at this rate he’s not likely to get fired. Drake Witham has appeared on Comedy Central and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The Virginia native has performed for troops all over the world.

Keith Alberstadt
Keith Alberstadt has been performing stand-up comedy for over a decade, with stints on the Late Show with David Letterman, Fox Red Eye, CMT, and VH-1. Honestly believing that sarcasm is a universal language, Keith wastes no time in getting crowds to rally around his brand of clever insight. He takes pride in laughing at himself just as much as anything, all the while doing it with a likable charm and mischievous smile. Keith also contributes to Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” news segment and regularly travels to entertain American troops serving overseas. More on Keith can be found on his website

Paul Ogata
In the sixth grade, Paul Ogata was on the Honolulu City & County's Parks and Recreation League champion basketball team. In the seventh grade, everyone else kept getting taller and Paul stayed indoors listening to comedy albums. These days, his bad genetics are the audience's good time. Paul Ogata is the 2007 winner of the prestigious San Francisco International Comedy Competition, putting him in an exclusive club with previous winners such as Dana Carvey, Sinbad, Doug Stanhope and other comedy greats. Paul has performed shows around the world from Hollywood to Hong Kong, from Jamaica to Johannesburg. Twenty-five countries in all, which puts Ogata just ahead of Swine Flu (24 countries). On television, you can catch Paul on the Showtime presentation of “Pacific Rim Comedy”, airing in rotation on the cable network. Paul has also been featured on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham”, the syndicated “Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen.” He has also appeared in Damon Wayans’ film “Behind the Smile”, on CBS’ “The Late Late Show” as well as on TBS, NBC and PBS.

Here’s what people are saying about Ogata: Time Out Magazine says, “He is fun to watch…sneakily provocative.” “Paul Ogata kills,” says and South China Morning Post states, “His cherubic grin belies a wicked funny streak.”

Phil Palisoul
With a remarkably unique, self-deprecating style combined with side-splitting material, Phil Palisoul’s well-polished stand-up routine has made him a huge hit at comedy clubs, cruise ships, casinos, and corporate events across the country. In addition to numerous television appearances, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Phil has performed at the prestigious HBO-Aspen Comedy Festival and The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas and has opened in concert for such legendary comedians as Jerry Seinfeld and Dennis Miller. Phil has entertained corporations such as Coca Cola, Walt Disney Television, Hummer-GMC, IBM, and Kodak, and has headlined fundraising galas for organizations such as American Red Cross, Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Heart Association, and Wounded Warriors.

Shawn Halpin
Shawn Halpin is a Los Angeles-based comedian who mixes manly Texas swagger with a disarming schlubby guy charm. His material covers the kind of topics we can all relate to like terrible jobs, terrible girlfriends and being broke, as well as unique insights from growing up in Texas and his stint in the Marines. Don't mistake Shawn for a bland vanilla comic, though. His raw honesty verges on the raunchy, but his delivery wraps it all in a cuddly candy coating that helps the medicine go down.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Shawn began his career at the Dallas Improv and worked his way up to the coveted position of house emcee. Shawn broke into the Los Angeles comedy scene as an employee of The World Famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip, a path taken by many greats such as Sam Kinnison and Jim Carey. Shawn again moved up through the ranks and is now a Paid Regular, one of the select few hand-chosen (or "passed") by Mitzi Shore, herself. Shawn also regularly appears at numerous comedy clubs in and around Los Angeles, including The Laugh Factory and The Hollywood Improv.

Pauly Shore has tapped Shawn to feature for him on tour and he has been invited to numerous international comedy festivals, including the Melbourne and Sydney Australia. Tom Green also gave Shawn the nod to be the feature act on his World Standup Comedy Tour and to collaborate on his web series “The Channel.”


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